Wedding Coordination on D-Day

This is the plan for you if you simply need help managing the big day so you can fully enjoy your wedding.

Wedding Planning Management on D-Day

Whether your wedding takes place in Barcelona, Porto or Paris, Île-de-France, a Wedding Planner will be present on your wedding day. You organize it all and we’ll manage the rest with absolute discretion.

Our expert will meet with you a few weeks in advance to get all the details. Our experience has led us to creating detailed roadmaps that can be adapted for brides and grooms, witnesses, bridesmaids, groomsmen and service providers. We can work with all parties involved as necessary.

On D-Day, you’ll have nothing to think about up there on cloud nine except truly enjoying such an unforgettable moment.

Première Plume will welcome all the service providers and set everything up first thing in the morning. The decoration, the music, the caterer… everything will be organized according to the schedules planned in advance. We’ll be there to reassure you and take care of your guests.

Première Plume guarantees an extraordinary contact throughout this collaborative work to answer all your questions.

The Coordination plan gives couples immense peace of mind. With this plan, your wedding will go perfectly just as you’ve always imagined.

Wedding Coordination on D-Day

Let’s talk about the wedding of your dreams.